Thursday, April 28, 2011

(Party Spotlight) - Butterflies

So folks, she has done it again!

My friend, Maria, from Palm Beach Polka Dots,
has thrown yet another perfect party for one of her sweeties.

Her middle child, Katherine, (who I swear is the female version of my son) turned the BIG 4!!!!!

This adorable Butterfly themed party was inspired by this precious moment...

Katherine's discovery of a chrysalis, which eventually turns into one of these beautiful creatures..

And so then did this come to be.....

Let me just say this, I love Maria's parties because they are thoughtfully appropriate, NOT over the top,
and she makes/bakes most everything herself!! She's my hero :) I adore DIY women!

Maria, OF COURSE, created the above invitation, the edible butterflies made of sugar, the cake pops,
the pom-poms, and the cupcake toppers!

Here are just a few favorite photos and details...

For these DIY pom-poms go HERE !

Kids table

Peeps have been used in such creative ways lately!!

Pinwheel cookies!!

the Art Table
 How awesome and simple is this?
Provide a variety of supplies and let the kids go to town!!
Forget planning specific crafts!
This is WAY easier and makes SO much sense! Maria said the kids LOVED it!

OH my Lord in heaven! I have seen a lot of cake pops, but these ROCK!
They are so bright and pretty! Love the ribbon!

Cookie Pops
These are too cute for words too!!

And since the party was so close to Easter....

Easter Egg Cookie favors!

Thanks so much, Maria, for letting me share a glimpse of this celebration!!!



Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Polka Dot Design

So I came across this cute website that sells party supplies, invitations, stationary, etc...

I wanted to share a few pictures with pricing of some items that caught my eye...

The first 3 being favor bags, of course, cause I LOVE me some bags! :)

Fairy Theme

Isn't it adorable? Love the tulle tu tu!!  They come 8 per package for $11.95.

Dinosaur Theme

Love it!! Same price!!

Pirate Theme

 If you prefer one stop shopping, they sell coordinating supplies for each of these themes, and others!

I also happen to really love animal prints and had to share these...

8 dinner plates for $6
Pricey, but would be so cute for a shower, bachelorette party, or girly zoo theme!

Comes in zebra print too!

And last, since it's Spring, here's a cute set of 24 Bird cupcake picks and liners

$11.95 for 1 package

Be sure to go to the website at the top
and take a look around for yourself!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Eggselent treat holder

Long time no write. Not doing this blogging thing to consistently eh? :(
Wellll, it's just hard to do "it" all. Ya know? I promise to keep doing the best I can. :)

So I was thinking the other day that A Simple Favor needs
to start posting about some simple favors! Hello?!

I found these sweet little plastic egg shaped containers at Micheals (odd)
 for $1 in the Easter section. I was drawn to them because they had blue and pink.
Boy/girl. Perfect. Simple.
Have I mentioned I LOVE anything that holds something?
Thought I would fill them and include them with my kiddos' Easter baskets.

You may not be able to tell, but the pink one is a bunny face,
and the blue is an Easter egg design. I just love them.

As you can see, I personalized them with my kids' first initial.
I am OBSSESSED with letter stickers. Just thought I would put that out there.
And, yes, it spells BAR in the picture,
or if I were to have placed them in birth order, it would have spelled BRA.

Anyhoo....I now have to decide what to put in them.

Any suggestions??

I love snack mixes, and have thrown around the idea of...
mini marshmallows, pastel MnM's, craisins,
Alphabits cereal, banana chips & yogurt covered pretzels.
Guess we'll shall see what I come up with later. I'll keep ya posted.

These would be cute, and completely appropriate, for classroom treats too!
Fill with jellybeans, stickers, erasers, a homemade cookie, brownie, muffin?....

See you soon!....I swear :)


Monday, March 7, 2011

(Party Spotlight) - Garden

I had the pleasure of attending this party yesterday.
Perfect theme for this time of year.
The stores are filled with tons of bright, colorful and festive decor.
Our hostess did not disappoint! She rocks at setting the scene in her home!

The colors were bright pink, green, orange, and yellow.
So pretty and so girly!


A glimpse of the handmade invitations

Love the tulle!!

Can I just say that I am totally into beverage dispensers(though I own none)
and placed atop the cake stand is even cuter!

Darling felt placemats used as decor

Butterfly & flower garland.

There were several of these flower, butterfly trees displayed.
They were my favorite!

Wheelbarrow centerpiece

Another one of my favs...flower cupcakes!!
The grass was shaved coconut!

One of four themed activities was painting wooden birdhouses.
These were the art tables and centerpieces.

The guests also went outside and caught tissue butterflies with nets!

Look at these tasty creatures the kids found on there bug hunt!

And what would a garden party be without a garden?

The potted favors!

I hope this inspires anyone planning a Spring or Summer party!!