Thursday, April 28, 2011

(Party Spotlight) - Butterflies

So folks, she has done it again!

My friend, Maria, from Palm Beach Polka Dots,
has thrown yet another perfect party for one of her sweeties.

Her middle child, Katherine, (who I swear is the female version of my son) turned the BIG 4!!!!!

This adorable Butterfly themed party was inspired by this precious moment...

Katherine's discovery of a chrysalis, which eventually turns into one of these beautiful creatures..

And so then did this come to be.....

Let me just say this, I love Maria's parties because they are thoughtfully appropriate, NOT over the top,
and she makes/bakes most everything herself!! She's my hero :) I adore DIY women!

Maria, OF COURSE, created the above invitation, the edible butterflies made of sugar, the cake pops,
the pom-poms, and the cupcake toppers!

Here are just a few favorite photos and details...

For these DIY pom-poms go HERE !

Kids table

Peeps have been used in such creative ways lately!!

Pinwheel cookies!!

the Art Table
 How awesome and simple is this?
Provide a variety of supplies and let the kids go to town!!
Forget planning specific crafts!
This is WAY easier and makes SO much sense! Maria said the kids LOVED it!

OH my Lord in heaven! I have seen a lot of cake pops, but these ROCK!
They are so bright and pretty! Love the ribbon!

Cookie Pops
These are too cute for words too!!

And since the party was so close to Easter....

Easter Egg Cookie favors!

Thanks so much, Maria, for letting me share a glimpse of this celebration!!!



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