Tuesday, October 26, 2010

$1 Store Mini Pails

I came across another blog that had the most adorable idea for using dollar store wedding favor pails to hold Halloween goodies.

So simple and creative!

I mean, how stinking cute are these?

Items needed:

mini wedding favor pails (3 piece set/$1)
colored/black electrical tape (cut into eyes, mouth, hair, etc..)
cellophane treat sacks
assorted candy of your choice

For a quick step by step, check out Obsessively Stitching

Love it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Correction! - Pumpkin Treat Bag

Oooops....here are the correct instructions for what is really Martha's...

Pumpkin Treat Bag

Tools and MaterialsOrange mini craft bag
Craft knife
Floral tape

1. Fill orange mini craft bag with candy.

2. Cinch and twist top of bag together to form stem; you can trim off 1/2 inch of bag for your desired length.

3. Cut off a piece of floral tape and stretch it so it becomes sticky.

4. Wrap floral tape around stem. Start at the top and move downward. Rip off tape; leave 3 to 4 extra inches hanging on the bottom.

5. Twist extra tape into a tendril and wrap it around finger until it curls.

That's better! Happy creating!

Two Martha Stewart Favors

I had to share these 2 homemade favor bags from Martha Stewart online!

Flyaway Favor Bags

Tools and MaterialsTwo 4 1/4-by-8-inch brown paper bags
Craft knife or scissors
Small branch

1. Unfold one brown bag and push out base; fold in the left and right sides.

2. Use a craft knife or scissors and cut the bag into thin strips about 1/4 inch wide. Make sure you stop short of the base.

3. Cut thin strips into the top, 1 1/2 inches of second brown bag. Fill the bag with candy

4. Open the shredded bag fully, laying it flat; place the filled candy bag inside the shredded bag.

5. Bring shredded bag up; cinch top of bags together. Wrap with black wax twine until bags are secure.
Witch's Brooms


You need two lunch-size paper bags for each broomstick. Unfold one bag, and push out its base while folding in the left and right sides. Using scissors, cut the bag into thin strips, stopping short of the base. Cut thin strips into the top inch of the second bag. Open both bags, and place the second bag inside the shredded one; fill with candy. Insert a small branch 1 inch into the bag; cinch the tops of both bags, and secure with black twine.

Such cute ideas. Thanks Martha!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another cute bag for another yummy treat

 I love bags...and boxes....and little buckets....and anything that can hold something. Actually, I'm pretty sure it's my favorite part of making a favor. However, I realize that not all favors require a bag, or box, or bucket. Sometimes the favor itself stands alone and makes a statement. That's pretty cool too.

But back to my obsession with bags...:)  I love paper ones with handles. All I see is a blank canvas. They are screaming to be dressed up and made pretty. Endless possibilities. And the good thing, it doesn't take much to make it your own. Plus, the handles are nice and sturdy. Perfect.

So due to my little paper bag with nice handles obsession, I was forced to make these...

way easy!

I used tulle circles that I had on hand to tie on to the handles. Reminds me of a spider web!

My vision here...Halloween party favor (obviously)

Big bag for children, perhaps 4 years and up, and the smaller bag for toddlers, say 18 months to 3. 

And because I am a HUGE fan of edible favors, I decided a smart choice to fill these bags was a snack mix!
What kid doesn't like that??

Halloween snack mix recipes are all over the internet, with cute names and pretty, festive colors, but instead of picking a specific one and posting a link, I decided I would list a few yummy possibilites, and you can create your own
BOO-tiful, tasty treat mix!

For older kids:
Popcorn (plain, cheese or caramel)
raisins (yogurt or chocolate covered)
reese's pieces
candy corn
mini pretzels
chocolate chips
chow mein noodles
chex cereal

For toddlers:
gerber puffs
mini marshmellows
baby goldfish

I would fill up either a small celephane bag (tie with matching ribbon) or those generic ziploc baggies you see this time of year in places like Micheals with Halloween images....and plop in the bag! 
Make sure it is sealed tightly to stay fresh!
You can also attach a cute thank you tag or sticker.

Items Needed to create the bags (All from Micheals):

"small" paper bag(s) - $.59
"mircro" bag(s) - $.29
3-D wooden pieces of your choice - $.29
any adhesive you have on hand
stick-on rhinestines of your choice - $1.00/sheet
tulle ( I had some at home)


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Easy, Cheap, Cute!

If you're looking for an inexpensive favor to pass out at your child's classroom Halloween party, or even a playdate, here is a quick & easy idea...

I figure every school-aged child can use a pencil (or hundreds, if you know anyone like my middle child who destroys all writing utensils.)
I also appreciate favors that are useful and don't immediately land in the trash.

Of course you have to spice it up! Here's how...

$1 bag of Halloween pencils (Joannes)
I liked the Aliens because it reminded me of my boys :)

Tag hole punch (this is the only one I own, but I want more)

Chipboard letters (Micheals) from the scrapbook section
Used to personalize with first name initial

 you will also need: 

 sturdy paper for the tag(I used scrapbook paper)

pipe cleaners(I used a half) for attaching the tag

single hole punch

any plastic spider
I used one that apparently grows when placed in water.  For the purposes of making many, I suggest buying a bag of spider rings. You could easily attach them with the pipe cleaner as well.

A close-up..

Please leave me a comment if you decide to make your own! I'd love to see or hear about your own unique twist!

Girly Halloween Treat Bag

So having become slightly obsessed with the party blog world, I've decided to share my own party passion...FAVORS! I hope to showcase favors that have been created by friends, myself, and whoever else has something fun and cute to pass along! We ladies, and mommy's, are always looking for ideas!

This first favor...which strangely enough has nothing in it...yet, began because of a $.49 bag that caught my eye in Target (my home away from home.) No clue what I was going to use it for when I bought it, but sometimes I work backwards. I love polka dots, and black and white. I thought cute size, approx. 4"X 4", and perfect for either a mom's/girl's Halloween party or a little something to give your child's teacher(s).

Accessories include: spider web tissue paper (also from Target), ribbon scrap (I have loads at home) and some sparkly rhinestones (from my scrapbooking/diaper cake adornment stash.) Ta-da!..instant cute treat bag!....now on to what I plan to put in it! 

Don't these look festive??

A few weeks ago I had torn out this white chocolate chunkies recipe from my Rachel Ray mag. I am also slightly obsessed with Food Network and cooking magazines. I figured I would make it for something.  But now having found this cute bag, realized I could make the recipe for my son's teachers as a simple "thanks for all you do." So my treat bag now has a purpose!

Coming later....a super simple and inexpensive favor for your child's classmates or Halloween playdate!