Sunday, January 30, 2011

(Party Spotlight) - Airplanes #2

As promised I'm featuring ANOTHER precious airplane party!

My friend, Maria, of Palm Beach Polka Dots,
threw this quaint, family and friends party, for her handsome little boy, Phillip.
Simply stated....she has party perfect taste.

She creates all her three childrens' invitations. It's her biz!

This airplane design is now available at her online store!
Go HERE to order!

How cute are these directional arrows??


The birthday shirt is from LullabyBirds on Etsy.

Phillip sporting his party hat!

Maria bought these paper party hats from the $1 store and created her own label.
She offers this service online at her website as well!

The banner is from, get this, OLD NAVY! Only $5!
They also carry a girl's version!

Framed picture of the birthday boy.
This totally takes the cake! Genius!

A relative of a friend of Maria's (did ya catch that?) created the picture.
As stated by Maria,
"She is a photoshop genius...tell her your theme and you can have a custom picture of your child that fits your theme and perfect to be framed or scrapbooked to capture the special day."

HELLO?? That is a perfect biz right there!
Leave me a comment for the artist's info!

This one-of-a-kind cake was also created by Maria. Another one of her many talents.
The middle layer is a vintage inspired paper suitcase sold at

Love, love, LOVE this cupcake stand and cupcakes!

The toppers were by ScrapbookingStuff on Etsy.

Perfectly decorated airplane & cloud cookies,..
ANOTHER Maria masterpiece!

Phillip also happens to love Mickey Mouse. And by the way..
the table cloth is also from OLD NAVY, $5!

Phillip eyeing his cake!

My favorite!....FAVORS!

Goodies included...three dimensional wooden airplanes to decorate,
and of course, pretzels and peanuts!

Thank you SO much Maria, for letting me share this

Can't wait for the next one!....


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another love of mine...

I fell in love with Diaper Cakes about 6 1/2 years ago.
The first cake I ever made I thought was pretty darn cute. Bleh. It so wasn't.
Let's just say they have evolved over the years. They went from cluttered to simplistic.
Anyhow, I make and sell them to friends on occasion.
Figured I would share a few recent ones...meaning months ago....

This is from lonnggg ago. I still love polka dots,
but I don't wrap in tulle anymore.

Baby's initials :)

I like using bling on them now!

Jungle theme!!

Thanks for taking a glance!
I custom make them for any theme :)

Now on to more Valentine work....


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stoplight Favor Bags

These to were from one of my kiddos' past birthdays. My younger son's 3rd birthday.
Racecar theme. We had a mini-carwash in our front yard.
Oh yeah. 
No worries though, we weren't making them wash the adult vehicles,
just toy ride-on ones.
The kids loved it!  I swear, they love the things we for sure would think are lame.

When I was researching ideas for favors, I saw lots of versions of these...


These were a cinch to make.
Black paper bags from Micheals,
Red, yellow & green foam sticker sheets from Joannes.
I just traced around a glass to create the circles, and stuck them on.
I added the guests' first initial just for fun.

I'll be honest I can't remember all the goodies included in each bag, but
I do remember my favorite were some mini fudge striped
cookies that I individually wrapped and labeled as wheels.

These were just fun to make so I knew I had to share! just dawned on me that Valentine's Day is in a few short weeks.
Being that I am currently working outside of my home,
I am learning how valuable my crafty/creative time is.
I know I'll have to make about 12 valentines for my 3 year old son's class,
and around 18 for my Kindergartner. Fabulous.

Soooo...I picked some "stuff" up this afternoon with a valentine vision in my head.
We'll see if the vision matches up with the creation.
Here's some of my supplies..

I'll post the result soon!


Monday, January 24, 2011

Blast from Birthdays past - Ice Cream Favors

The theme for my oldest son's 4th birthday was

The colors were Brown, Cream & Pink...for Neapolitan.
Yes, I had pink at a boy's party.

It was at a park.  Playground time and ice cream. Simple.

My favorite part, of course, was the favors!

Included in each Goodie bag...

1.this cute ice cream bowl and spoon from Oriental Trading

2. A ridiculously (if I must say) adorable
chocolate dipped sugar cone with sprinkles, 
stuffed with twizzlers, smarties, dum dums and a fruit roll-up.
Wrapped in a cello bag and tied off with brown or pink ribbon.

A picture you ask??? uh, YEAH, I didn't take one!! Sore subject.

Go HERE for a quick and easy recipe

3. Old fashion paper parlor hats that the kids could color in themselves
(pictured above)
I found these on Ebay.
I originally planned for them to be an activity for the guests when they arrived,
but I've learned that when you have a party at a park,
the kiddos tend to take off for the playground.
So, I threw them in the goody bags.
Also included with the hats were a small pack of crayons,
and assorted stickers to decorate with.

The little foam ice cream cones on the bags I also ordered from OT.
They were really a craft, but I decided to make the bags "purty" with 'em!

I made the tags myself with my trusty scrappin' supplies. No biggie.

 Girls' tag read...
"Here's a Treat for being so Sweet!"

Boys' tag read...
"Thanks for being so cool!"

Visit this website for some really cute ice cream themed items!!


Friday, January 21, 2011

(Party Spotlight) - Airplanes #1

I have the pleasure of featuring two airplane themed parties.
One now, the other coming soon.
both for adorable little boys turning 2!

This first party was for a sweet curly haired young man, Elias, who LOVES airplanes!

Her mom is a beloved friend, and I thank her for letting me share this simple, sweet, and thoughtful party.

Here are a few of the creative highlights...

Leave me a comment if you want to know how and where the invitation came from!
Cheap & Easy :)

Handcrafted Cardboard Airplane

Mom and her sister constructed this in about an hour out of appliance store boxes.
They painted it white afterwards.

The kids LOVED crawling in and out.

This was definitely a labor of love!
Thankfully they have a huge backyard!

This was such a cute idea....a Drink Cart!

Just like you see on a commercial flight...
only it was really used for storing make-up!

Simple chocolate cupcakes topped with toy airplanes
(Found at Micheals in a tube of 12 for $6.99)

The favors were displayed inside these suitcases.
Perfect choice.

And I always appreciate the use of plain brown paper bags.

Goodies included:

Southwest Airlines airplane shaped crackers
Aircraft information cards
Airplane stickers 
Handmade airplane soaps...

This was a party enjoyed by all!

Thanks for looking!



Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Movie Night Theme

For whatever reason, I have fallen in love with a Movie Night birthday theme.
I think it's the cute popcorn bags/cups you see at every Dollar store, and Target $1 bin, that make me smile.
They're fun. AND I just LOVE me some anything that holds stuff!

So....anyhooo...I just had to buy one of these popcorn cups, because, they make an obvious choice for a favor, and I'm all about favors.

Here is my super easy version....

Popcorn cup (2/$1 - Dollar store),

Raisinets..or any other movie theater type candy($1),

Bag of microwaveable popcorn (I used kettle corn)

Recipe card for Marshmallow Popcorn Balls (just for fun!)

Easy homemade tag!

I also HAVE to share this ADORABLE treat from Bakerella!

Brownie Popcorn Bags

I swear, I will throw a movie party for one of my kids, JUST to make these!!
Who doesn't love brownies???

Go here for complete step-by-step directions!

And because I am a huge fan of serving cupcakes at parties, I must also share the very internet popular

Popcorn Cupcake

Marshmallow popcorn topping! Another party perfect treat!

Visit Family Fun for the recipe!