Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blast from Birthdays Past - CARS

Remember when the CARS theme was hot?!
It's fizzled in the last couple of years, buy my son LOVED them,
and I've always tried to pick themes that my kids could relate to, and enjoy.

This was a fun birthday, however it was originally supposed to be at a local park.
Turns out it rained the exact two hours the party was scheduled,
so we had to change the venue to our house, the night before.

Fast forward,...the kiddos had fun anyways. I made bagged lunches
(which was more appropriate for the park setting) and cupcakes,
and the kids just played, pulled a pinata and opened gifts.

I loved these favors. Simple color themed pails from the party store,
full of CARS goodies, like markers, fruit snacks, snack cups & utensils.
Yellow/Lightning McQueen for the boys.
Red/Sally for the girls.
I found the race flag tags at a local teacher supply store.

Kids table
The table and chairs were from a local rental company.
Perfect kid size and colors!

Homemade Pit Passes for the guests,
and the birthday boy, of course!

I wonder if this theme will be popular again when CARS 2 eventually comes out??

Now on to finish preparations for this weekend's party!


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