Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Movie Night Theme

For whatever reason, I have fallen in love with a Movie Night birthday theme.
I think it's the cute popcorn bags/cups you see at every Dollar store, and Target $1 bin, that make me smile.
They're fun. AND I just LOVE me some anything that holds stuff!

So....anyhooo...I just had to buy one of these popcorn cups, because, they make an obvious choice for a favor, and I'm all about favors.

Here is my super easy version....

Popcorn cup (2/$1 - Dollar store),

Raisinets..or any other movie theater type candy($1),

Bag of microwaveable popcorn (I used kettle corn)

Recipe card for Marshmallow Popcorn Balls (just for fun!)

Easy homemade tag!

I also HAVE to share this ADORABLE treat from Bakerella!

Brownie Popcorn Bags

I swear, I will throw a movie party for one of my kids, JUST to make these!!
Who doesn't love brownies???

Go here for complete step-by-step directions!

And because I am a huge fan of serving cupcakes at parties, I must also share the very internet popular

Popcorn Cupcake

Marshmallow popcorn topping! Another party perfect treat!

Visit Family Fun for the recipe!



  1. super cute! Lizard&Lady bug sent us your way! I love that drink cart! I'm your newest follower! (p.s. your comment link is black, so it was hard to find!)

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  2. Hey Kim! Thanks for the follow...and the tip about my comment link! Consider me very "green" to the blog world. :) Trying to get me feet wet. I have visited your blog many times via Staci. She and I are friends here at home in central FL. She rocks! I will find you on Facebook too! ;)