Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stoplight Favor Bags

These to were from one of my kiddos' past birthdays. My younger son's 3rd birthday.
Racecar theme. We had a mini-carwash in our front yard.
Oh yeah. 
No worries though, we weren't making them wash the adult vehicles,
just toy ride-on ones.
The kids loved it!  I swear, they love the things we for sure would think are lame.

When I was researching ideas for favors, I saw lots of versions of these...


These were a cinch to make.
Black paper bags from Micheals,
Red, yellow & green foam sticker sheets from Joannes.
I just traced around a glass to create the circles, and stuck them on.
I added the guests' first initial just for fun.

I'll be honest I can't remember all the goodies included in each bag, but
I do remember my favorite were some mini fudge striped
cookies that I individually wrapped and labeled as wheels.

These were just fun to make so I knew I had to share! just dawned on me that Valentine's Day is in a few short weeks.
Being that I am currently working outside of my home,
I am learning how valuable my crafty/creative time is.
I know I'll have to make about 12 valentines for my 3 year old son's class,
and around 18 for my Kindergartner. Fabulous.

Soooo...I picked some "stuff" up this afternoon with a valentine vision in my head.
We'll see if the vision matches up with the creation.
Here's some of my supplies..

I'll post the result soon!


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  1. I am working on Valentines too, well me and the kiddos which always makes it more fun :)I love the blog! It is great!!