Monday, January 10, 2011

Blast from Birthdays Past - Lollipops

Birthday party season is fast approaching in my house.
My kiddos' birthdays fall February, March, April. This isn't really cool.
What were the hubs and I thinking in the summer? ;)

Anyhow...I figured why not post this week about past parties
I have thrown for these sweet, crazy creatures, I claim as my offspring.

Now let me state that I cannot post about every party because sadly some parties I took lots of pictures, and others I probably couldn't find my camera. That is just the truth.

I'll start with the last party thrown. It was for my sweet daughter, Adalyn, who was one last year in March.

It was a lollipop theme, which was a theme that seemed to explode online in the past year and a half.

Lollipop ornament craft for the kids. Only one child actually did the craft at the party, so most went home as an additional favor.

The youngest guest received her own special snack mix! Gerber yogurt bites, strawberry yogurt cheerios, and something else I can't even remember!

 Strawberry flavored marshmallow pops! The kids loved these!

First year birthday banner

Outside adult tables and centerpiece

The birthday girl!!!!!

Love this face!

Check back for the next blast from the past birthday...


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