Friday, January 21, 2011

(Party Spotlight) - Airplanes #1

I have the pleasure of featuring two airplane themed parties.
One now, the other coming soon.
both for adorable little boys turning 2!

This first party was for a sweet curly haired young man, Elias, who LOVES airplanes!

Her mom is a beloved friend, and I thank her for letting me share this simple, sweet, and thoughtful party.

Here are a few of the creative highlights...

Leave me a comment if you want to know how and where the invitation came from!
Cheap & Easy :)

Handcrafted Cardboard Airplane

Mom and her sister constructed this in about an hour out of appliance store boxes.
They painted it white afterwards.

The kids LOVED crawling in and out.

This was definitely a labor of love!
Thankfully they have a huge backyard!

This was such a cute idea....a Drink Cart!

Just like you see on a commercial flight...
only it was really used for storing make-up!

Simple chocolate cupcakes topped with toy airplanes
(Found at Micheals in a tube of 12 for $6.99)

The favors were displayed inside these suitcases.
Perfect choice.

And I always appreciate the use of plain brown paper bags.

Goodies included:

Southwest Airlines airplane shaped crackers
Aircraft information cards
Airplane stickers 
Handmade airplane soaps...

This was a party enjoyed by all!

Thanks for looking!




  1. so many great details!!
    LOVE the giant airplane and the drink cart is too cute!!!

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  3. I just love the cardboard airplane for the kids and those suitcases! What a fun party! I am going to have to save some of those ideas for future parties!

  4. everything was perfect! congratuations! do u know where I can find those wings (favors)? I've been looking all around - no luck so far...tks a lot