Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Creative Gift Wrap - Fancy Nancy

So I was going to post another past birthday party this evening, but then my sister-n-law emailed me earlier today, while I was at work, and said my blog inspired her to do this....

SHUT UP! I love it!
My niece is going to a Fancy Nancy themed party.
The necklaces and boa rock!

I also like the rhinestones on the tag!

Great job!

Now she's busy brainstorming gift wrap ideas for a pirate theme.

Hmmmm, maybe some rope????

Hopefully I can post that at a later date :)


 here's a peek at some of my coming attractions...

Think, Wii (duh), miis, maybe some food & beverage, and the cutest "almost" 6 year old I know...


Think red or blue (possibly), mickey mouse & some adorable 3 year olds...


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