Sunday, January 30, 2011

(Party Spotlight) - Airplanes #2

As promised I'm featuring ANOTHER precious airplane party!

My friend, Maria, of Palm Beach Polka Dots,
threw this quaint, family and friends party, for her handsome little boy, Phillip.
Simply stated....she has party perfect taste.

She creates all her three childrens' invitations. It's her biz!

This airplane design is now available at her online store!
Go HERE to order!

How cute are these directional arrows??


The birthday shirt is from LullabyBirds on Etsy.

Phillip sporting his party hat!

Maria bought these paper party hats from the $1 store and created her own label.
She offers this service online at her website as well!

The banner is from, get this, OLD NAVY! Only $5!
They also carry a girl's version!

Framed picture of the birthday boy.
This totally takes the cake! Genius!

A relative of a friend of Maria's (did ya catch that?) created the picture.
As stated by Maria,
"She is a photoshop genius...tell her your theme and you can have a custom picture of your child that fits your theme and perfect to be framed or scrapbooked to capture the special day."

HELLO?? That is a perfect biz right there!
Leave me a comment for the artist's info!

This one-of-a-kind cake was also created by Maria. Another one of her many talents.
The middle layer is a vintage inspired paper suitcase sold at

Love, love, LOVE this cupcake stand and cupcakes!

The toppers were by ScrapbookingStuff on Etsy.

Perfectly decorated airplane & cloud cookies,..
ANOTHER Maria masterpiece!

Phillip also happens to love Mickey Mouse. And by the way..
the table cloth is also from OLD NAVY, $5!

Phillip eyeing his cake!

My favorite!....FAVORS!

Goodies included...three dimensional wooden airplanes to decorate,
and of course, pretzels and peanuts!

Thank you SO much Maria, for letting me share this

Can't wait for the next one!....


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