Monday, January 24, 2011

Blast from Birthdays past - Ice Cream Favors

The theme for my oldest son's 4th birthday was

The colors were Brown, Cream & Pink...for Neapolitan.
Yes, I had pink at a boy's party.

It was at a park.  Playground time and ice cream. Simple.

My favorite part, of course, was the favors!

Included in each Goodie bag...

1.this cute ice cream bowl and spoon from Oriental Trading

2. A ridiculously (if I must say) adorable
chocolate dipped sugar cone with sprinkles, 
stuffed with twizzlers, smarties, dum dums and a fruit roll-up.
Wrapped in a cello bag and tied off with brown or pink ribbon.

A picture you ask??? uh, YEAH, I didn't take one!! Sore subject.

Go HERE for a quick and easy recipe

3. Old fashion paper parlor hats that the kids could color in themselves
(pictured above)
I found these on Ebay.
I originally planned for them to be an activity for the guests when they arrived,
but I've learned that when you have a party at a park,
the kiddos tend to take off for the playground.
So, I threw them in the goody bags.
Also included with the hats were a small pack of crayons,
and assorted stickers to decorate with.

The little foam ice cream cones on the bags I also ordered from OT.
They were really a craft, but I decided to make the bags "purty" with 'em!

I made the tags myself with my trusty scrappin' supplies. No biggie.

 Girls' tag read...
"Here's a Treat for being so Sweet!"

Boys' tag read...
"Thanks for being so cool!"

Visit this website for some really cute ice cream themed items!!


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