Friday, January 7, 2011

Star Wars Party Intro

A dear friend of mine is throwing her 6 year old son a Star Wars party tomorrow. Knowing this friend like I do, I'm absolutely sure the party will be full of activities, fun decorations, and just plain adorable!
She would plan nothing less!
Lucky for her this year, she has decided NOT to have it at her home, but at a local park. I'm pretty sure there will be some Jedi training of some sort.  A boy's dream!

I plan to take pics and post any and all cute details at a later date, (even though my camera bites the big one.) 
That is a whole other issue.

Because I, (when possible, and thought out) like to coordinate my kids' presents' gift wrap to the recipient's theme, I thought it fitting to post a pic of the birthday boy's gift!

I decided a long time ago that I was done buying birthday cards...well for the most part. It's such a waste of money really, and it's fun to create something more personal. 
I found the cute silver foil wrapping paper, and blue bow at the Dollar Tree, (my new Target),
and the tag is easily made from some Avery business cards and scrap paper.
Perfect Star Wars colors!

Check back soon for a party recap and pics!!


  1. Christy, that looks great!!!
    I'm digging the new blog look too :)

  2. Thanks Staci! I wasn't feeling the other look. New year, new attempt to blog, etc..:)